Scheduling and Planning for Dental Financing

Long-term dentistry always works best with a plan. So as each New Year begins, some dentists sit down with their patients and organize dental health care - in phases - for the coming year.

In the spirit of prevention, one patient might be scheduled for cleanings and periodic examinations to watch closely for developing problems, and catch them before they grow. Another patient may call for complex restoration and will visit more often; in this case, the dentist will propose treatment step by step, over time.

Prearranged care makes sense. You know what to expect from the practice, and can plan your time and dental costs accordingly. By phasing treatment, your dental fees are minimized and, in the end, you still arrive at the same finished product - a healthier you. Moreover, you'll rest assured, knowing you're getting the care you need. Because postponed dentistry inevitably means more dentistry.

For with dental insurance, tight guidelines are in place for pre-determination of coverage, submitting claims, and timely reimbursement. As treatment is planned for the year, you must monitor your benefits "bank" through the months, to be sure you're making the most out of your coverage. When year-end approaches, treatment may accelerate to take advantage of any remaining dental financing benefits before the next New Year, and a new deductible.

Everyone is different: different needs, comfort level, and financial situation. So most dentists are flexible. Insured or not, patients deserve choices. Your dentist is willing to work with you and arrive at a schedule that suits you, a schedule you'll both respect.

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